Uncommon Information Technology Security Roots

We Speak IT®

We were sole proprietors with a deep focus on providing information technology security assessments in Cleveland Ohio. We were freelancers, working with clients through our referral network.

We have changed with the tides of time and have come full circle to provide business-focused services: security integrations with analytics. Our focus, both past, and present is the same: threat intelligence and mitigation beyond an ‘inside-out approach.

Our preference is to build your business from the ground up with security in mind rather than the typical action of security as an afterthought or a final thing to do. Before the dot-com era of the 90s to the current state of large-scale hacks occurring often, we support clients when they need our services most. We work with businesses to assess their weaknesses and develop plans to fill gaps present in their business operations.

It is 2020 and Covid-19 predominates every aspect of our society. From some estimates, we’re working from home up to 90% of our work force.

Can you see opportunities that hackers do?

Aronetics is a proud Ohio EDGE certified company since 2019