How do you see your security solution?

Delineated and boxworthy?

We sometimes say that a solution from XYZ company that is novel is “out of the box.”

The problem with the phrase is that when something is judged to be in or out of “the box,” it reveals that “the box” is still the primary reference point. We are still operating within the prescribed boundaries and assumptions of how things are supposed to be.

“Out of the box” is sometimes merely another way of being “in a box.”

And then there are those that ask another kind of question: “there’s a box?”

Aronetics sees security solutions differently. If you curious about our solution, contact us. We have seen the landscape of information technology shift since the early 1990s. Solutions providers are approaching security in a traditional manner seen in the late 1990s and early 2000s. There is more than a deficit than apparent. We have employment opportunities in the thousands for the cybersecurity field, provided that you have a certification. The problem here is that the certification is another box. We understand well the challenge present by hiring individuals certified by authorities. There is a larger superset that requires a certification to participate in a process. What we truly need globally is similar to IBM and New Collar opportunities.

As a side our solution is physically in a box though it has no reference to a box. It is a true solution that we are building.