Minimize Your Digital Footprint

… while you don’t loose the forest for the trees.

Maybe you have seen statistics such as 96% of online content is found in the deep web and the darknet. To us, that number is rather large. Regardless of the percentage and volume, it’s the content that matters. Your identity has been stolen, hashed, stolen again, rehashed and over again. The deep and darknet know of your identity and behaviors similar to your friends and family. You may think that your employer is responsible to safe guard your data and identity, you may not. In either case, your employer holding your identity is tangentially unlocking your front door. It isn’t a question of if your company will be hacked or hijacked, but when.

However, it is worth note that the internet as designed isn’t intended for how we currently use it. Your identity matters more than you are likely aware. If an attacker or cracker stole your data, what is the best retort to this action? If a company has software that is designed to protect you from external threats, continually identifying where your assets are exposed, providing sufficient context to understand the risk, what is a real solution? Consistently spraying bullets everywhere, the AK-47 was effective. Is that analogy of spraying your dollars everywhere, an effective information technology solution?

 How do we intelligently mitigate threat identity management?

Aronetics provides insight and answers.