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Are you tired of being hacked?

Our focus is analytics and security.
Our specialties are preemption, rescue, and incident management.

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Are roots are deep in InfoSec.

Are you tired of repeatedly paying for assessments and audits?


Your company’s best friend, a hackers nightmare.

As innovative and efficient information technology specialists, we’re the hawk in the sky with the big picture needed to solve business issues.

Aronetics prefers preemptive approaches to both threat detection and avoidance.
We recognize the present education gap in society, and to solve cybercrime is more difficult as the adversary is more sophisticated. Our background is diverse, we integrate cybersecurity with public affairs. After all, an incident is both an internal and external issue. At the root, it’s an identity management issue.

We’ve two simple questions:

Are you fully aware of what is in your IT environment?
Does your consultant have deep and wide experiences rooted in security?