The technology that drives Thor™ is a patent pending set of sophisticated algorithms and intricate mosaic code. On the surface, you’ll experience simple and continuous business productivity. Our product is a simple process providing a quicker response, even while away.

Crafting defensive information security perfection with precision.

Companies with PHI/PII

To avoid legal troubles from cyber incidents that occur at an unknown time in the future, add peace of mind to your business productivity.

Government Organizations

From an DOD IC SCIF to the DOT Controllers across the United States, we add peace of mind.

Highly Regulated Businesses

For business that have strict regulation, save money with our software solution that will decrease the costs of  your insurance policy.

Air-gapped Networks

A second Stuxnet style attack is not possible with our software. Add peace of mind knowing that the system is resilient and impervious to attack and will self-heal.

Security for Every Size Network, Everywhere