Privacy Policy 4/14/2021

Aronetics respects and safeguards the privacy of all personal information in all of its forms and locations under which we manage. This is a trust placed with us by our clients and is extended to all whom we reach in the course of doing business. In a world were privacy is abused, we go above and beyond when we can as privacy is a core value to Aronetics.

In short, Aronetics privacy policy is Euro-centric – Aronetics does nothing with your personal protected information (PPI).

Information We Have and How We Use It

Information We Have.

In the normal course of business, Aronetics hosts data provided by our clients which may contain personal information. This data is provided by and hosted for, clients who have engaged Aronetics to provide general data hosting services, as well as legal technology support for legal discovery, investigations, assessments, or litigation management. This data and information are used for the sole purpose of performing the legal processes for which clients have engaged Aronetics’ assistance.

Information users give us.

Aronetics collects a limited amount of personal information from client-approved users of our technology solutions. The personal information collected is used for user authentication. This information is collected and used to contact you if you are in need of our services in an emergency.

Information from website visitors.

Aronetics collects a limited amount of personally identifiable information such as name, email address, and telephone numbers from visitors to our website who are requesting  information on our products and services. The information collected is voluntarily given and used to facilitate our business communications. Aronetics does not maintain a CRM system. On our public website, we use cookies (pieces of data transferred to a visitors computer) to collect a minimal amount of information about visitors. The information collected includes:
Date, time and length of visit
Pages visited
Domain name/IP address
Visitor’s location
Browser name and OS type
Device type

We use this information for statistical analysis intended to help us improve visitor experience to our website.

Sharing Information

Information hosted for clients.

Aronetics does not sell, share, or otherwise forward any information received from clients outside of expressed client direction associated with the processes for which the information is a part.

Client-user information.

Aronetics does not sell, share, or otherwise forward any information provided by users of our systems. Internal access to personal information is restricted to those with the need and to use solely as intended when the information was collected or received.

Website visitors and information.

Aronetics does not sell, share, or otherwise forward any information received from visitors to our public website.

For legal obligations.

Aronetics may disclose information as reasonably necessary to meet applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable government request.

Protecting Information

Aronetics maintains the highest levels of commitment to information privacy and security. We maintain strict physical, technical and administrative safeguards in the process of protecting your information. We implement strict access controls and regularly train our people on data privacy and security practices. We review our information handling, storage and overall processing practices, including physical and social security measures, to guard against unauthorized access to systems and information. Access to personal information by Aronetics personnel is on a need to have basis with access control reviews performed regularly.


Data we host.

Aronetics is a data processor for the data and information hosted for clients. Therefore, our clients (data owners) are ultimately responsible for issues (not limited to security and data cohesion) and associated with information being hosted. Aronetics will make every effort possible to assist clients with access or correction requests.

Website cookies.

If you prefer not to allow us to collect this information, change your browser settings to disable.

Provided Information.

If you would prefer not to give your information through our web contact form, you can call Aronetics directly at (216) 307-5760. If you have questions or need to correct information previously provided to us, contact us at [email protected]

If You Have Questions or Concerns

Aronetics takes seriously all questions and concerns regarding information privacy and security. If you have privacy questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] All inquiries will be investigated and resolved.

Compliance and cooperation with regulatory authorities

We regularly review compliance to our Privacy Policy. We are committed to work with appropriate regulatory authorities (including data protection authorities) as necessary to resolve any complaints or disputes regarding the appropriate management and handling of personal data.


Our Privacy Notice may change from time to time but this page will be updated with the most current version at all times.