We are a cyber-resilient firm that minimizes our and your digital risks. However, we were surprised to read a leaked fact of cyber attacks against Russia and Iran.

U.S. Companies can and do defend themselves in cyberspace. Our fellow nation-state actors will follow suit. Though, keep it in mind that offensive security is illegal in most nations.

Savvy hackers have a multi-step offensive attack to which cyber defenders find it easier to make a network immune with a few newly developed solutions.

Aronetics is building a new solution. We think that we can disrupt an attack in one significant vector: the human element. It’s widely known that people are the new firewall. The original firewall from 1994 was a third edition of the idea. It is an application firewall known as Firewall Toolkit (FWTK) was introduced in June 1994 by Marcus Ranum, Wei Xu, and Peter Churchyard. This generation of firewalls could identify whether a communication protocol was being abused or attempted to bypass the firewall on an allowed port. This application-layer filtering allowed the firewall to “perceive” how File Transfer Protocols (FTP) or Hypertext Transfer Protocols (HTTP) work and adapt on the fly to the ways applications made use of these protocols. What we have now from this is deep-state packet inspection. This requires a knowledgeable person to watch the multi-step process that a hacker must go through to penetrate a network and exfiltrate data. We aim to close one aspect of this chaos opportunity and aims to become a company with an additive solution. The world doesn’t necessarily need to upgrade legacy systems that are insecure by default to cutting-edge systems that are secure by design. Many companies cannot invest in new systems from their economic inability. We propose a solution to solve the legacy, current cutting-edge systems, and systems in the quantum arena. Stay tuned!

Individual holding a shield defending against cyber attackers