What do you do when your identity is stolen?

Identity Access Management and Identity Data Management are buzzwords in information technology circles a lot these days. Founding members of the Identity Defined Security Alliance have intentions that are good and well. After all, FBI Director James Comey summed it up best with the OPM Data Breach: “‘My SF-86 lists every place I’ve ever lived since I was 18, every foreign travel I’ve ever taken, all of my family, their addresses,’ he said. ‘So it’s not just my identity that’s affected. I’ve got siblings. I’ve got five kids. All of that is in there.'”

Our heart is deep in security integrations with analytics well before security was hip or CISOs collaborated seeking a meaningful solution. We know fully well the intentions of the C-Suites though they are promoting an ‘out of the box’ solution. The box is still the reference point and this is why it’s flawed.

Our Identity Access and Identity Data Management tactics will surpass your expectations. To promote a full scope intrusion detection test, our heart of the event is you and your identity.