Incident Response Services

After an incident, you need a group with significant specialization. It takes years of experience to gain insight how to triage an attack surface. Other companies E/X-DR solutions turn off the machine, but turning off the machine you lose evidence.

Our incident response services are ready to provide access to expertise and experience that you need to accelerate an incident investigation. Regardless of how an offensive event was conducted, one of our core tenants is the care of your data, a full defensive conclusion ensuring an incident will not likely recur.

Data care is the premise of a tailored solution that mitigates risk and presents a solution to prevent future unknown attack vectors while educating and answering questions. Aronetics addresses the care of data to employees. Education of what precisely did and did not occur and what you can do to take preventative measures are available with or without an incident.

Our subject matter ignorance is as large as our knowledge from which we operate. Aronetics incident response services are known for their speed and expertise. Often times there are questions presented which have answers. The questions presented to you from attackers of why, how, and where while cloaked and invisible are accessible and can add meaning to the incident.