Security and Infrastructure Solutions

We’re a preferred vendor under the Ohio EDGE certification program since 2018.

Our focus is to be your subject matter expert. We partnered with a organizations that provide services and solutions. What is uncommonly obvious is our word of mouth services that have roots in security.

When you sign up for a hosting provider, look at their roots and past performance. If you have been or have a friend that has been hacked, you know the strife and stress. We remove these stressors by adding a layer of security to hosting that is uncommonly obvious. Keep in mind that a good coffee, car mechanic and accountant are not inexpensive. If you are paying a significantly low amount for hosting your website, the provider is not focused with security at their roots. Security is an afterthought for most companies and projects. After all, who really likes paying for insurance? Of course what we provide is not inexpensive per se yet it is much less than the cost of fixing a complete disaster.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help further security for your infrastructure, please contact us.