public (adj.)

late 14c., “open to general observation,” from Old French public (c. 1300) and directly from Latin publicus “of the people; of the state; done for the state,” also “common, general, public; ordinary, vulgar,” and as a noun, “a commonwealth; public property,” altered (probably by influence of Latin pubes “adult population, adult”) from Old Latin poplicus “pertaining to the people,” from populus“people” (see people (n.)).

Let’s suggest that you’re at a non-profit somewhere. You’re the director or decision maker and Aronetics is included on your team. The goal of the team is to pass legislation or to create an action. Aronetics does not see this as a conservative or liberal issue, just an issue that is both accessible and normal in our public view. Simply makes sense for society.

That’s how we assisted passage of Colorado SB 14 and 208 for the Harm Reduction Action Center in Denver Colorado. In 2009, we assisted making syringe possession legal and certified persons able to administer naloxone. Simply sense.

Aronetics assist in a manner as a Senior Communication Specialist or a Public Affairs Specialist. Aronetics uses existing relationships with key contacts – including fielding media inquiries and contacting appropriate members for their response. We draft and distribute briefing notes and press releases. We identify and pursue potential media opportunities and keep abreast of industry trends for our client with a particular focus on your subjects, including selecting appropriate media outlets for key departments, practice groups, offices and partners. It’s a team effort and we work as part of a collaborative global team with our external PR agencies. Finally, Aronetics can build a news feed to ensure key matters, people and other activities are highlighted in the media.