Threat Management

Go beyond an ‘inside-out’ approach.

Many cyber-security teams are tactical and reactive when it comes to managing threats, often relying on audits and assessments of the information technology infrastructure.

Still, this leaves organizations in a defensive position, continually relying on audits and assessments done regularly on a set schedule. Further this ignores underlying problems before new incidents occur, which perpetuates slow response times and prevents security teams from getting ahead of the threats.

In this scenario, organizations often focus on compliance, and not the overall security posture. Additionally, Identity Access Management is purported to be a more effective security posture using the Zero Trust Methodology.

Either way, this is continuously reacting to outside threats as they arise. Completely shift your business model and approach and go beyond an ‘out of the box’ approach. Threat management starts with a full assessment of your IT environment, applications, business processes and concludes with the one thing that is the constant threat – your identity.

After all, a problem with ‘out of the box’ approaches is that the reference point is still a box. If you would like to learn of our methods, contact us.