Aronetics is a company that specializes in vanilla and non-vanilla cybersecurity integrations with infrastructure and analytics. What does that really mean?

Our focus is small- to medium-size businesses. Daily, our server received 90k attempts from Beijing. If we have the knowledge to notice and the tactics to prevent, is it a fair assumption to suggest that another small business server is under scrutiny?

Cybersecurity insurance is a band-aid as is Ohio Bill 220. We have done better and can help you do better too. We built custom solutions to defend you from the offenders.

Does the customer suffer less because it was a small business that caused the loss or difficulty and not a large company? A breach of your business by any means compounds issues and problems for your customer. The upfront cost is tiny yet the back end cost is compounded by the dark web actors.

We were happy to read the original paper article though we were not interviewed or named as a cost-effective solution to small- and medium-sized businesses. Over 80% of small- and medium-size businesses are attacked every day. Aronetics would like to work with you to ensure that not only you are safer but the internet-at-large is safer.