We’ve used Slackware since 1996.

We’ve kept silent about our feelings about how things in the IT realm changed and we don’t disagree with this talk from Benno Rice at the BSDCAN conference in 2018. Benno is correct, systemd is, to put it mildly, controversial.

Ours is an uncommon perspective. Our nearly 30 years of Slackware experience makes us quicker than average on CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, servers operating in the sky AWS, Linode, Blue Host, Dream Host or other serverless infrastructures.  We prefer other than SystemD yet SystemD does have questionable advantages.

We’ve deep experiences in SCO Unix, DEC Unix, Solaris, BSDs, Irix and Red Hat. SystemD is a massive attempt to automate systems, systems that were not designed for massive automation.

We are partners with Xinous and Red Hat and support Unix / Linux.